Rick's Biography Page


Rickey James Delcambre

 Born  into a large household (having eight siblings, and a twin brother) in  Jeanerette, Louisiana to Amilcar and Lorena Delcambre, Rickey’s  interests in art began at the age of eight.  With his father being a  professional house painter, Rickey would “borrow” art supplies and  brushes; usually using poster boards for his “canvas.”  To make smaller  brushes, Rickey would pull bristles from his father’s "larger" house  painting brushes.  Rickey currently resides with his wife, Karen, in  Lafayette, Louisiana and draws his inspiration from artists including:  Maynard Reece, Terry Redlin, and Ron Atwood.  For more information,  please contact us at rj@rickdelcambre.com.          


Rickey skills

Rickey is a self taught artist never had a lesson....picking up his talent through trial and error....not being afraid to try new techniques that other artist have mastered, and creating some of his own.

Rickey uses  HB, 2b, 6b, and 8b lead pencils to create his amazing details and realistic photographic  look.