Rick's Service Center



 Commission Work:   Rick is available for commission work with oils or pencil.  With over  thirty years experience, Rick has done commissions for portraits,  animals, and nature scenes.  Originals start at $500.00 and up depending on difficulty and hours involved.  Sizes range from 11” x 14”    14” x 17”    16” x 20”    and  18” x 24.”   Please contact rj@rickdelcambre.com for more details.   


New Work: Weary Traveler

Started:  1/05/2020

Finished: 1/22/2020

You are a brave little butterfly?   Mr. elephant please don’t hurt me, can I sit here for awhile and rest my weary wings, I have a long journey ahead of me.....I know I’m small and weak and you are big and tough, I just need someone to help me .... NO little butterfly you are not small and weak, for anyone who can look danger in the eye with fear and still push forward is strong and beautiful in my book....Rest as long as you like.